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Quality assurance

Laurel Klammern GmbH stands for premium-quality products. We’ve been producing office supplies and promotional items since 1951, and offer our customers top-class service. We attach great importance to our quality management processes. Essential factors in our quality assurance processes include regulating recurrent work processes, designating areas of responsibility, organising the flow of information and closely monitoring quality.

In the manufacture of our products, we rely on quality materials which are proven to be durable and highly functional. For us, quality begins with selecting the right raw materials. It continues with monitoring production seamlessly, and extends to the final inspection of the product. Our employees keep a keen eye on everything, and optical systems have also been installed to ensure premium quality.

Right from the start, we made the conscious decision to manufacture in Germany, with the care and attention to detail expected of “Made in Germany” products. Laurel regards this unique seal of quality as an obligation and a duty – not as a marketing strategy. And it’s something from which everyone benefits – the company, our employees, and you as customer and consumer.

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