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Fold back Brutus 19 x 45 mm


Laurel fold backs bring order to all filing systems. Binding, hanging, marking – fold backs are wonderfully easy to use. Fold the flap back over the spring, squeeze together, insert the paper and then let go of the flap again. Finished!

Thanks to their coloured springs, our fold backs are perfect for sorting and organising documents. Used in conjunction with hanging folders, they keep your documents firmly in place and clearly distinguishable thanks to the coloured springs!

Product details: sturdy clip with detachable flap made of ABS; spring made of POM.
Width: 19 mm, length: 45 mm, capacity: 80 sheets.


Laurel fold backs

  • bind receipts and brochures.
  • organise manuscripts, IT lists and important documents.
  • provide a clear overview, e.g. in hanging folders.
  • keep documents securely in a complete pile.

  • have coloured springs, and are perfect for sorting and organising. 

Models and colours



Order No. Colour Description Pcs.
0710-10 Fold back Brutus 100
0710-11 Fold back Brutus 100
0710-20 Fold back Brutus 100
0710-30 Fold back Brutus 100
0710-60 Fold back Brutus 100
0710-70 Fold back Brutus 100
0710-95 Fold back Brutus 100
0716-10 Fold back Brutus 4
0716-11 Fold back Brutus 4
0716-20 Fold back Brutus 4
0716-30 Fold back Brutus 4
0716-60 Fold back Brutus 4
0716-70 Fold back Brutus 4
0716-95 Fold back Brutus 4
0768-95 Fold back MIX 12
(6x Adam, 4x Brutus,
1x Caesar, 1x Goliath)

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