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DP-006 Display for multi clips in crystal colours


Our decorative Laurel displays present our products in an organised, clear and eye-catching manner. They draw attention and inspire customers to make spontaneous purchases.

Our crystal-coloured multi clips with shimmer effect are available in attractive transparent pouches for Laurel sales displays, or with suspension bracket for self-service shelves.

The various multi clips included in the display are not only helpful for binding documents in the office, but also come in very handy in the home, e.g. for reclosing packets.

30 transparent pouches

10x 1116 Signal 1 multi clips
5x 1104 Liliput multi clips
5x 1904 Taifun multi clips
5x 1126 Signal 2 multi clips
5x 1164 Maxi Peg multi clips


Made in Germany - das beliebteste Label der Welt

Die Marktforschungsunternehmen Statista und Dalia Research haben rund 43.000 Verbraucher in 52...

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For the environment

Virtually no other material can be recycled after use.

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