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From offices to restaurants

Adieu to frumpy page holders and note spikes! These feel just as at home in a restaurant as in an office – and do a great job on the counter of your local pizzeria!

Page holder
Our page holders keep your notes and leaflets firmly and securely in place. They won’t topple over, but remain wonderfully flexible thanks to the elasticated clip. Our page holders tirelessly keep all your papers in place so they’re always visible and to hand. Thanks to its outstanding design, it’s also an ideal aid in the catering industry.

Note spike
The modern Laurel note spike is a sharp companion. It’s perfect for impaling anything that simply mustn’t get lost. Memos, invoices or receipts – all are neatly and safely stacked on this spike.
The sturdy note spike is perfect for pub counters. Thanks to its magnetic base, it won’t topple over even when things get hectic. If your counter isn’t magnetic, simply affix it with the self-adhesive metal disc.

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