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"The INVENTOR of the plastic paper clip"



Laurel Klammern GmbH is a proprietor-managed, medium-sized company which specialises in the production of plastic products for office and promotional use.
Our “Made in Germany” products are manufactured at our plant in Aichwald, near Stuttgart. The machinery we use was developed and customised for our products in order to ensure the colour mixes for the various products match perfectly.

We use only certified, quality raw materials for the manufacture of our Laurel products. By returning production residues to the material cycle, we’re able to virtually eliminate waste in our production process. Residues such as sprues are pulverised immediately and returned to the production cycle.
All work is closely coordinated and monitored to ensure production runs smoothly. Our well-functioning team, which has many years of experience, oversees the entire production process and knows exactly which products need to be manufactured in which colours.

Customers can rely fully on Laurel’s promise that all products meet our high quality standards and can be used without hesitation.

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