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Paper screws


Laurel paper screws simplify the job of filing and archiving documents.
These handy, 2-piece paper screws are an original way to join sheets of paper via pre-punched holes. They can bind the entire content of a file, thus helping you to save space.

And they’re wonderfully easy to use: simply feed the screw thread through the pre-punched holes, attach the nut and twist until the papers are firmly joined. Then simply trim any excess length to size.

If you later wish to dispose of the documents – by burning or shredding – the paper screw does not have to be removed first.

Product details: 100% “Made in Germany”, length: 75 mm.


Laurel archive screws

  • help you with your filing and archiving.
  • are large enough for the entire contents of a file, and save space.
  • can later be shredded or burned along with the file
  • if necessary. The binding screw can remain in the paper.

Models and colours



Order No. Colour Description Pcs.
1861-10 Paper screws 1.000
1861-11 Paper screws 1.000
1861-20 Paper screws 1.000
1861-30 Paper screws 1.000
1861-60 Paper screws 1.000
1861-70 Paper screws 1.000
1861-95 Paper screws 1.000
1862-10 Paper screws 100
1862-11 Paper screws 100
1862-20 Paper screws 100
1862-30 Paper screws 100
1862-60 Paper screws 100
1862-70 Paper screws 100
1862-95 Paper screws 100
1864-10 Paper screws 6
1864-11 Paper screws 6
1864-20 Paper screws 6
1864-30 Paper screws 6
1864-60 Paper screws 6
1864-70 Paper screws 6
1864-95 Paper screws 6

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