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DP-024 Sales display for Plastiklips


Our decorative Laurel sales displays present our products in an organised, clear and eye-catching manner. They draw attention and inspire customers to make spontaneous purchases.

Laurel Plastiklips are available in attractive transparent pouches with suspension bracket.
The appeal of our bright and cheerful plastic paper clips lies not only in their unique shape, but also in their potential. The different sizes can be used for different thicknesses of paper, whilst the different colours help you organise and retrieve documents.

24 self-service bags

8x 0112-98 Plastiklips paper clips 25 mm; 100 pcs. per bag
8x 1302-98 Plastiklips paper clips 35 mm; 30 pcs. per bag
8x 1312-98 Plastiklips paper clips 60 mm; 10 pcs. per bag

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