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Our little ambassadors (with a heart)

Laurel heart clips add a little warmth to your day. They’re great on letters or attached to small gifts.
Our beautiful heart clips are ideal for embellishing thank-you letters or birthday cards. Write a personal message on a gift tag for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, and attach it with a Laurel heart clip to make it even more endearing.

Heart clips can be used anywhere in the office or home. Attached to a bouquet of flowers, as a decorative addition to a business card, or to add emphasis to a mailshot.
Use a text marker or a glitter pen to write or draw your own personal message on your heart clip to turn the heart clip into an affectionate greeting or an informative pointer.

Heart clip 30 mm

Laurel heart clips are beautifully shaped, functional eye-catchers on all forms of correspondence. They attract attention and can be used in an endless number of ways.
Laurel heart clips are 30 mm in size and available in 19 different colours. > read more

This way!

Laurel arrow clips are real eye-catchers. They attract attention and point to what really matters.
Laurel arrow clips are a charming way of marking important information or advertising messages. Available in a wide range of colours, Laurel arrow clips can be colour-coordinated to match your personal requirements.

Laurel arrow clips are wonderfully versatile. Whether you’re using them to mark a passage in a text or a date on the calendar, or simply to attach a business card, arrow clips point to what really matters.

Arrow clip 30 mm

Laurel arrow clips are not only wonderfully useful and trendy office accessories, but also real eye-catchers on your desk. Use our arrow clips to mark an important date in your diary, or indicate where someone should sign an important document.
Our arrow clips are 30 mm long and available in 19 colours. > read more

Bio arrow clips 30 mm

Small but beautiful! Laurel bio arrow clips are not only beautifully shaped and wonderfully handy – they’re also real eye-catchers. And they’re even biodegradable to a large extent!
Our arrow clips are 30 mm long. > read more

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