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Duo bag fastener


Laurel bag fasteners are real all-rounders, and can be used in the office, at home, in the garden or workshop. They can be used to bundle documents or brochures.
Laurel bag fasteners are also approved by the postal service for sealing pouches or mailing bags in transit. They’re also a simple and original way to close air-bubble bags.

Our bag fasteners also cut a good figure in the kitchen, sealing freezer bags securely and reliably. They can be reused virtually endlessly.
The rounded corners and edges of the bag fasteners ensure they do not damage anything. The tough and flexible material holds fast and permanently.

Product details: 100% “Made in Germany”, manufactured from unmixed polyethylene (PE).
Dimensions: 30/38 x 8 mm (L x H).


Laurel bag fasteners

  • close freezer bags securely and reliably.
  • are useful helpers in the workshop, garden, home or office.

  • bind pre-punched sheets of paper quickly and effortlessly.
  • are ideal for sealing mailing bags. 

Models and colours



Order No. Colour Description Pcs.
0281-10 Duo bag fastener 1.000
0281-11 Duo bag fastener 1.000
0281-20 Duo bag fastener 1.000
0281-30 Duo bag fastener 1.000
0281-60 Duo bag fastener 1.000
0281-70 Duo bag fastener 1.000
0281-95 Duo bag fastener 1.000
0282-10 Duo bag fastener 100
0282-11 Duo bag fastener 100
0282-20 Duo bag fastener 100
0282-30 Duo bag fastener 100
0282-60 Duo bag fastener 100
0282-70 Duo bag fastener 100
0282-95 Duo bag fastener 100
0284-10 Duo bag fastener 125
0284-11 Duo bag fastener 125
0284-20 Duo bag fastener 125
0284-30 Duo bag fastener 125
0284-60 Duo bag fastener 125
0284-70 Duo bag fastener 125
0284-95 Duo bag fastener 125


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