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Plastic is better than its reputation

Plastic is everywhere. In some areas of life, it is impossible to imagine without flexible applications.

In medicine, the so-called polymers, for example, many find. Hygiene and sterility are in high demand here. Disposable syringes, canned bags, medicine bottles as well as contact lenses, artificial joints or prostheses - all of these are made of plastic. Especially for sterile packaging, plastic is excellently suited because it keeps contents germ-free and undamaged.

And yet plastic enjoys a bad reputation when it comes to sustainability. At the same time, plastics are organic products with a lot of properties that make them environmentally friendly.

In the automotive industry, the use of plastic saves weight and thus fuel. In addition, production costs are reduced because plastic is significantly cheaper than metal in a comparable amount.

In smartphones or computers, the use of plastics enables ever smaller and lighter components. The low weight of plastic as well as its flexibility and formability enables powerful components that work long-lasting and efficient, saving energy and resources.

Another advantage: plastic can be easily recycled. At Laurel, for example, the plastic sprues and starting parts produced during production are completely processed and fed back into production. Thus, new products can always be made from them.

Certainly there are areas of life in which the use of plastics can be reconsidered and restricted. But there are also many areas where plastic has become an indispensable material.

Plastics are sustainable because they save resources like hardly any other material. They make a valuable contribution to the benefit to consumers, the economy and the environmental friendliness of products. Plastic can do that!

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