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Lots of documents, whether invoices, account statements, trade letters ...

Lots of documents, whether invoices, account statements, trade letters or accounting documents - much must be kept for years. And this "paperwork" does a lot of work in the digital age. Because there is a lot to consider regarding the retention periods.

Especially traders are obliged to keep business documents such as account statements, invoices or accounting documents for several years. Why? In order to be able to submit them in case of a tax audit by the tax office.

But even with some private documents, statute of limitations and retention periods must be observed. Craftsman bills, for example, should be kept for 2 years. The same applies to receipts and purchase receipts in order to make use of the statutory warranty period.

Of course, everyone is responsible for the form of storage. It is important that the documents are clearly arranged so that the documents can be viewed and read at any time. Archiving documents is made really easy with Laurel archive screws. The practical, multi-part archive screw connects punched papers together. It captures the entire contents of a folder, fast and space-saving.

And a later document disposal is very easy because the archive screw may remain in the papers and be disposed of. Is not that great?

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