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"Der ERFINDER der Büroklammer aus Kunststoff"

  • Umwelt und Nachhaltigkeit

Environment and sustainability

As a company which processes plastic, we’re aware of our responsibility towards the environment and future generations. For this reason, we strive to continually improve the carbon footprint of our products, work processes and entire company.

Sadly, plastic now has a tarnished reputation and is often associated with a thoughtless and wasteful way of life. However, plastic is actually made from natural products and has a number of valuable characteristics which make it economical and environmentally friendly.

All the plastics which Laurel uses conform to REACH, and are lightweight, flexible, hygienic, anti-magnetic and hypoallergenic. The dyes, granules and powders we use do not contain hazardous substances.

The plastic sprues which are generated during the production process are fully processed and returned to the production cycle in appropriate quantities. This procedure enables us to virtually eliminate residues in our production processes.

This is how we serve the environment!