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Butterfly 50 mm


Bright and cheerful triangular paper clips for schools, offices and more. Colourful Laurel Plastiklips bring colour into your office and your correspondence.

Everyday office life often involves sorting documents according to subject matter. Filing papers away in files or folders “hides” your documents. And when you staple a stack of documents together, you damage the paper. Laurel Plastiklips are the ideal solution if you only need to keep a pile of papers together temporarily. This enables you to group documents and retrieve them more easily. Available in a range of bold colours, Laurel Plastiklips are also perfect as tabs or for marking important passages of text.

Our Laurel Plastiklips are made of polystyrene (PS), and therefore keep their shape well. Our letter clips do not lose their shape through use, so are always in perfect shape for each new application.

Thanks to the excellent properties of the material used, Laurel Plastiklips are very strong and extremely flexible. They can effortlessly fasten up to 50 sheets without breaking.
Laurel Plastiklips are “made in Germany” and 100% recyclable.

Product details: lightweight, non-corrosive, anti-magnetic, hypoallergenic, non-toxic.
Length: 50 mm.


Butterfly letter clips by Laurel

  • enable direct access to voluminous files.
  • are perfect for use as tabs.
  • can be used as bookmarks in books or on newspapers.
  • are useful for marking important notes or dates on a wall calendar. 

Models and colours



Order No. Colour Description Pcs.
0174-10 Butterfly letter clips 50
0174-11 Butterfly letter clips 50
0174-20 Butterfly letter clips 50
0174-30 Butterfly letter clips 50
0174-60 Butterfly letter clips 50
0174-70 Butterfly letter clips 50
0174-95 Butterfly letter clips 50