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Note spike

The production was discontinued for cost reasons.


Does this sound familiar? You’re hunting around on your desk for a receipt – but it seems to have swallowed up by some black hole. The quick answer: our Laurel note spike, which keeps all receipts safely impaled until you need them.

No desk should be without one of Laurel’s handy and modern note spikes. Memos, invoices or receipts – all are neatly and safely stacked on this spike.

Featuring a magnetic base and self-adhesive metal disc, Laurel’s note spikes have a sturdy footing on any surface and won’t topple over. Simply insert the spike into the base. Remove the adhesive film from the bottom of the base. Finished!


Laurel note spikes

  • keep notes, invoices and receipts firmly in place.
  • have a sturdy footing on any surface thanks to their magnetic base and self-adhesive metal disc.

Models and colours



Order No. Colour Description Pcs.
3131-11 Note spike 1
3131-12 Note spike 1
3131-14 Note spike 1
3131-18 Note spike 1

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