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Pegy multi clips 10 x 25 mm


Laurel’s decorative multi clips are extremely useful for organising stacks of paper, magazines and more. With our multi clips, you can always rely on having the right clip to hand for any stack of paper. They have pleasantly good grip, are low maintenance and sturdy.

Our functional multi clips are wonderfully versatile: whether you’re using them in place of paper clips, or to attach short notes or small gifts, these colourful clips will always come in handy! Our multi clips are also extremely useful in the home, and can be used to reseal various types of packaging.

Product details: 100% “Made in Germany”, material: polystyrene, available in primary, fluorescent and crystal colours.
Width: 10 mm, width of clamp: 7 mm


The Laurel multi clips

  • can be used for a wide range of applications in the office or home.
  • are functional and sturdy.
  • hold leaflets, documents, shopping lists, maps, etc. in place.
  • are ideal for closing packaging.

Models and colours



Order No. Colour Description Pcs.
1000-10 Multi Clip Pegy 100
1000-11 Pegy multi clip 100
1000-15 Pegy multi clip 100
1000-17 Pegy multi clip 100
1000-18 Pegy multi clip 100
1000-19 Pegy multi clip 100
1000-20 Pegy multi clip 100
1000-30 Pegy multi clip 100
1000-40 Pegy multi clip 100
1000-50 Pegy multi clip 100
1000-60 Pegy multi clip 100
1000-70 Pegy multi clip 100
1000-80 Pegy multi clip 100
1000-94 Pegy multi clip 100
1009-10 Pegy multi clip 5
1009-11 Pegy multi clip 5
1009-20 Pegy multi clip 5
1009-30 Pegy multi clip 5
1009-60 Pegy multi clip 5
1009-70 Pegy multi clip 5
1009-95 Pegy multi clip 5

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