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DP-021 Display for super drawing pin mini dispensers


Our decorative Laurel displays present our products in an organised, clear and eye-catching manner. They draw attention and inspire customers to make spontaneous purchases.

Laurel’s super drawing pins are also available in attractive mini dispensers. The new packaging is perfect for promoting sales in brick-and-mortar stores when presented in our tried and trusted Laurel self-service sales displays next to your POS.

Our super drawing pins are ideal for attaching calendars, maps, posters and wall planners securely to the wall. The bright colours can be used to mark important dates. In addition, the thumb-friendly plastic cap enables you to push the pin into place firmly without hurting yourself.

18 mini dispensers à 100 pcs.

18x 2778-94 super drawing pins 14 mm in mini dispensers, assorted colours