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Laurel supports the project "Water for Annedore" in Kenya

Social commitment has a long tradition at Laurel Klammern and is very important ...

Access to clean water is human rights. The United Nations included the claim to pure water in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 2010. But in many countries and regions of the world, clean water is still not accessible to all, for example, in much of Africa.

Did you know that education and schooling also depend on a functioning water supply? Traditionally, water transport in Africa is the responsibility of the children. In order to replace the lack of public drinking supply, the children, especially the girls, often have to go for miles to get the water in their canisters for their family. There is no time for the school.

"Water for Annedore" is a joint project of the Udo Lindenberg Foundation in cooperation with Water is Right, the aim of which was to create a self-sufficient water supply at the New White House Academy in Voi, Kenya Spending money to pay for the regular tank trucks, and because of the rapid growth and construction of a secondary school, these costs have risen so high that sometimes even the existence of the New White House Academy has been jeopardized. "(Udo Lindenberg Foundation)

Social commitment has a long tradition at Laurel Klammern and is very important to us. The holistic and sustainable concept of "Water for Annedore" corresponds to our ideas on how we can specifically support a concrete project. The school gives middle-aged children in a very poor region the opportunity to get a good education and thus hope for a better future. We would like to support this hope with our participation in the project "Water for Annedore".

The "NEW WHITE HOUSE ACADEMY" is located about 150 km from Mombasa and 10 km before Voi, right on the main road Mombasa - Nairobi, very close to the Tsavo National Park. The Academy is a Kenyan registered boarding school consisting of Primary and Secondary Schools. The children get enough to eat here, can sleep in a bed and be well looked after if necessary.

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